There’s a Reason Badge Scanners Look Like a Gun

Badge scanners are usually the events industry standard for tracking leads and acquiring data about attendees. We think that’s about to change and here’s why:

No one likes to be scanned

Personally, I don’t want to feel like I am a grocery item. We all know that our information is valuable to marketers and businesses and most of us don’t mind to give it out, especially when we are interested in the company or product. However, many times now, people don’t have such a great feeling when walking up to a booth, hearing a brief sales spiel and then being scanned like they are a product.

I love the way that Jill Tooley explains the experience in her blog here:

The data doesn’t represent good leads

What does the data from badge scanners represent? It represents a bunch of people that came up to a booth to see what was going on, not a bunch of people who are actually interested. Attendee behaviors are the key to business intelligence, this means you need to know more about what your attendees are doing.

There are better options

Using a mobile event app (like ahem, Busyevent Mobile) enables you to track which actions the attendee took while at the event which is much more informative than the current standard. Would you rather have a list of booth visitors or a list of people who actually viewed your product?

There’s a reason that bar scanners look like guns, and that’s because– they are dangerous. A dangerous waste of time, anyway. Scanners represent another “shiny object”, something that sounds exciting and innovative but when you drill down to how it benefits you, there’s not much there.


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  1. Kathy Griffin says:

    A mobile event application like, Busy event Mobile enables organizers to track actions, which the attendees take while at an event. This app in a way is more useful than the previously used badge scanners, which were used to track leads and acquire data about the attendees. It is quite natural that attendees might not be comfortable with the scanning process. So in this respect the the app will be extremely useful for event managers and organizers.

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