At BusyEvent, we are huge social media fans. It is pretty widely recognized that social media can add a lot opportunity to your events. For example, LinkedIn is great for networking and Facebook and Twitter can be great for promoting. But what about that one that many people consider dead, created by the internet giant Google?

Although Google+ didn’t take off and become the next social media must-have that many expected. It still has some great advantages that many people don’t use– and should.


1. How do clients search for Event Planners? — Google

This is probably hands down the biggest advantage Google+ can give to its users. Google+ pages that are updated more often actually show up higher than websites not connected to Google+. This means that when someone goes to Google and searches “Event Planner” they are first seeing the accounts which rate highest on Google– many of those rating higher because they are posting on their Google+ pages.

Also webpages that have been +1’ed (like being “liked” in Facebook terminology) will also rank higher.


2. Need a quick virtual meeting between planners? Or what to add virtual aspect to your event?

Google Hangout is cool. It just is. You can use a hangout for many reasons, like to help you plan the event, to communicate with virtual attendees during the event for example.


3. Google+ allows you to segment all of your connections using circles

This means you can send specific updates and information to attendees of specific events or you can post updates that only fello event planners can see. The idea here is to market segment your actual social media connections to send them relevant information. You cna get super creative with this– if attendees sign up for your event early, add them to a circle for that specific event and hold competitions or giveaways to build excitement.

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